Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A man and a woman were involved in an accident

A man and a woman were involved in an accident in which they were each driving their own cars. Both of them were not hurt although their cars were completely crushed.

As they are walking away from the wreck the man looks over to see that the woman is very beautiful. The woman walks up to him and says, “It’s amazing that we survived with that damage to our cars. It has to be a sign that we were meant to be together.”

The man didn’t know what to make of it but decided to agree in the hopes for something better to come and replies, “I totally agree.”

The woman continues, “Even though my car is wrecked this wine I had is ok. We should toast to our love!”

“Great,” said the man who decided to go with the moment. She gave him the bottle and in a second he drinks half of it before handing it back to her.

“No thank you,” she says, “I think I will wait for the police to come.”

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